Library Services
The National Library is taking responsibility to preserve the national literary heritage in order to hand to the next generations. Therefore, any library collection is not allowed to take outside the library. Mainly, the library provides reading room service to any people who can read not only current publications but also publications in the library freely.
  1. Reading Room Service

General Reading Room offers current publications and reference books as well as particular collections that are popular at present days. User can search books in the library and in OPAC.
      Rare Books Collection comprises printed books published before and in 1948 including the earliest publication,
A number of local and foreign serials such as journals, bulletins, magazines, newsletters, indexes, government gazettes, acts and enactments, annual reports and current and retrospective newspapers are available for reading and research. A number of magazine articles are indexed for the easy use.
User can access specific collection through the staffs who help users in searching library materials and providing required publications.