c) Children Library Service

The Children Center has recently been initiated with children literature such as tale books, illustration books, children journals etc. including local and international periodicals and books for supporting for education which are arranged on the shelves. There are children literature in various forms as fiction and non-fiction. The children’s collections are mainly the materials for pre-school and elementary school students as well as curriculum related books by grade which one published in Myanmar. All of the books are collected in Myanmar and English language. Most of the books from children’s library are gifts and serial publications are purchased by National Library’s budgets. It also collects and freely acquires one copy of Printing and Publishing Enterprise Law.

The objective of children services is to collect materials on intellectual, language, social and educational developments which are the form of printed and non-printed. Myanmar folk tales give the readers delighted pleasure and entertainment as well as knowledge on Myanmar customs and culture. Some Myanmar folk tales are translated by other languages. The folk tales contribute to children to understand other nation's cultures, to respect other’s customs and to promote their knowledge. Tales are the bridges to connect and understand the good wills of one nation to another. We have Asian and Southeast Asian folk tales mainly and some from other countries, which is a tool to exchange the cultural customs and civilization of our neighboring nations.